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Twitter Video Downloader is a useful online tool, which helps you download your favorite videos and GIFs of Twitter. With the help of Twitter Video Downloader, you can watch your favorite videos even when you don't have internet access. The good news is that you can download unlimited videos for free!

If your device has a web browser you can use this useful tool. Since it is online you don't need to download or install any software, so it's no need to free up memory space for it. Twitter video downloader saves all downloaded videos in MP4 format.

All you need to start enjoying this amazing tool is to enter the URL of the video that you want to download, and then press the download button. This tool will find the entered URL and show the description, title, and details of that video. You can also download the videos in different qualities.

Where do the downloaded Twitter videos/GIFs save?

It depends on your device that Where do the downloaded videos/GIFs save. In PC, MAC, and Android devices, they are saved in the Downloads folder, which is the default folder of most browsers. However, you can change it by referring to browser settings.

Benefits of using a Twitter Video Downloader

On some websites, downloading the video or copying the content is against their Terms of Services. It is not clear whether it is a case on Twitter or not; But we think that by downloading your favorite videos from Twitter, no harm is done. Since we have seen no reason to dissuade you to do so, we want to mention the top benefits of a Twitter Video Downloader, including:

  • By using a Twitter Video downloader you have access to video anytime, even if the video is removed from Twitter.
  • Videos that had been downloaded can be watched offline, so this will reduce data usage.
  • All videos that had been downloaded are transferred to your smartphone, so you can share them easily on other social media.
  • Since most of these downloaders can support various platforms, it is possible to download any video you want.
  • When you are traveling and don't have internet access, you can create an offline playlist.
  • You may need to remove the video by the owner or by the twitter moderator. Sometimes some videos violate the Terms of Services on Twitter, But since you can't download it from the Twitter app you may need a Twitter Video Downloader.

Does Twitter Video Downloader keep a copy of downloaded videos or store them?

Videos or GIFs that have been downloaded using this Twitter Video Downloader are not stored. It means that we respect your security and do not keep any copy of what you have been downloaded. All downloaded videos/GIFs are placed on Twitter's CDN Servers. It worth mentioning that this Twitter Video Downloader does not keep your search histories. Downloading Twitter videos/GIFs happens by passing through this tool's server. It means that we keep you anonymous from Twitter.

Why did some videos don't download by Twitter Video Downloader?

This may happen because of some reasons, including:

  • The copied link may be damaged or wrong.
  • The copied link may belong to a private account.
  • The copied link may belong to a photo, not a video.

With the help of Twitter Video Downloader, you can share the clips without the need to send someone a Twitter link. If you are a Twitter user, you should know that various online tools can be used to download videos from social media. You can use many of these tools on your iPhone and Android mobile devices or your PC. But for having better access you may prefer to use an online tool.

Is downloading videos from Twitter safe?

The first step for safe video downloading on Twitter is to use the right Twitter Video Downloader. As we have said before، do not worry about it، we keep you anonyms from Twitter and don't keep any copy of what you have searched.

Furthermore, you should make sure that you have permission for downloading videos on Twitter. In the first place, you shouldn't download anyone's content without permission. You need to follow copyright rules. Remember If the video doesn't belong to anyone or it is free to copy, you can download it.

14 Years of Twitter

Since the development of social media, we have posted and shared millions of posts every day. There are many popular social media including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc.

Twitter, one of the most popular social networking services, was created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams in March 2006. This social media was available for use in July of 2006. Twitter was a successful platform that gains more attention every day and by 2012, it developed so much that every day more than 100 million users shared 340 million tweets on it.1

A few years later, uploading videos on Twitter has become possible. This clever approach in Twitter was originated from the popularity of videos on social media. Since then, sharing interesting content for attracting audiences has become easier for developing Businesses.

Today you can press a button on the Twitter app and start filming from whatever you want and then share it on your Twitter account.

Most videos, worth to be watched just once and then quickly get forgotten; But sometimes you like to download an interesting video, such as fun or instructional videos, and then watch it again and again. But Twitter doesn't give you the possibility of downloading videos, and you can watch videos only when you have internet access. Every time that you want to watch again videos on Twitter, you need an Internet connection, which can increase data consumption.

But don't be worry, to save Twitter videos on your PC or mobile, and then access them without the internet connection, there is a simple way that is called Twitter Video Downloader.

Final thought

We are incredibly lucky to live in an advanced world and have access to many useful tools online. One of these fantastic tools which help ease communication is Twitter. Many Twitter users claim that one of the shortcomings of Twitter is that we can't download videos.

By using Twitter Video Downloader you can download your favorite Twitter videos and have access to them without connecting to the internet, so it reduces your data usage. But the first thing you should consider is to use a Twitter Video Downloader that doesn't save your history or keep a copy of what you had downloaded. Fortunately, The online tool which we had introduced in this article is a good option to consider. When working with it, you see how user-friendly and fantastic this tool is.