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Today we all use or need social media. We don't say all the population of the world use social media, but we claim that a huge amount of them are active users of social media. Since human beings love communication, they developed social media to easily reach this goal. We use them to stay in touch with others, enjoy watching interesting content, and communicate with people all around the world.

Instagram Video, Reels and IGTV downloader

As TikTok short videos got popular in 2016 and reached it’s peak in mid 2017, Instagram could understand the potential behind this trend and how much attention and traffic these short videos have potential to get, that’s why Instagram released a new update on 5th of August, adding new future called "Instagram reels".

What is Instagram reels?

Reels is actually a new future introduced by Instagram enabling users to capture 15 seconds videos quit similar to Instagram stories while you can use new effects and slow down videos just like TokTok.

While there are similarities between Instagram reels and Instagram stories, the main difference comes on how you share them. As you upload a reel on Instagram it would automatically goes to a new tap on the explorer page called “Reels”; however, you are able to share the video on your own profile just like IGTV, and all the reels you make are accessible in a dedicated section of your profile (similar to IGTV).

Download Instagram Reels and IGTV Videos

There is not any future provided by Instagram to enable users to download the videos they want to download on their platform no matter these videos are reels, IGTV, or normal videos that goes directly to your wall. As like anyone else out there, we also felt this need and that’s why we provided everyone a tool to download any reels or IGTV they like to.

What are the advantages of using an Instagram Video Downloader?

Using an Instagram video downloader allows users to save their desired videos from Instagram to access them even when they are offline. This amazing tool has so many benefits. Some of its benefits include:

  • No need for registration
  • Free with high speed
  • An appropriate tool for almost any device
  • Ability to access your saved videos
  • Downloading in a high-quality format

No registration needed:

This valuable tool is accessible for almost all smartphone users. It doesn't need registration or entering your Instagram password. You should only enter the URL of the desired video in the search line. And this precious tool downloads it for you.

Free with high speed:

It is one of the most influential tools for rapidly downloading your desired videos from Instagram within a few seconds. It also doesn't need any payment and all these benefits come for free.

An appropriate tool for almost any device:

Whether you use Instagram with your personal computer or smartphone, it greatly works for all kinds of devices. It runs on Android, IOS, or other platforms too.

Ability to access your saved videos:

With the help of this useful tool, you can save your desired videos from user's pages. These users can be your friends, work pages, celebrities, or anyone else.

Downloading in a high-quality format:

With this high-quality Instagram video downloader, you never need to worry about the quality and format of downloaded videos. This useful tool download videos in high quality.

How to use Instagram Video Downloader?

  1. In the first place you should go to Instagram and then open the video that you want to download.
  2. If you are using the Instagram Application, tap on more options then you should copy the share URL/Copy link. But if you use Instagram on a web browser, you should open the desired video in a new tab and then copy the link from the URL bar of your web browser.
  3. Now it is the time to paste the intended link in the input box and tap on the "Download Instagram Videos" button.
  4. In this step the desired video plays, and to download you can Tap/Click on the “Download” button which is just below the url input. As a result, the desired video will be saved on your device.

What devices are compatible with the Instagram Video Downloader?

You can easily download videos from Instagram, regardless of your device type. You can save high-quality videos on iPhone, Android, and computer. The only thing you need to know is to free up some space for the downloaded videos. You can use this service from all over the world and with any device connected to the internet.

Instagram Video Downloader limitations

With the help of this tool, you can convert videos in Ultra High-Quality MP4 format. Since Instagram doesn't allow you to download videos, this tool was developed.

It helps you to get Instagram IGTV videos and reels download or save. An important note to remember is that it doesn't download stories or profiles. To do so, you should look for other tools. Working with this tool is so simple so users don't face any trouble while downloading.

Some of Instagram pages are private so their content can not be downloaded by this tool. To do so you may use a Private Instagram Downloader.

Features of Instagram Video Downloader:

  • Absolutely Free
  • User friendly
  • Doesn't need any registration or installation of any software
  • Offers high-quality videos
  • Downloads videos with no limitation
  • A safe tool
  • Supports many formats
  • Quick processing

Important tips

  1. This tool is designed to be used for public accounts only.
  2. Re-uploading other users' content is not encouraged. Pleases ask the owner and publish their content only when you have the owner's approval. If you did so, mention the ID of the user.
  3. This tool is not affiliated with Instagram. illegal re-uploading or downloading other users' content or any violations against Intellectual property rights is under the responsibility of the user.

Frequently asked questions

Is Instagram Video Downloader comes for free?

The amazing news is that using this tool costs zero dollars. So you can enjoy watching your favorite videos for free.

Is it legal to save videos from Instagram by using Instagram Video Downloader?

Yes, of course, this useful tool is 100% legit and safe. When saving the videos that other users have uploaded on their accounts, you should remember an important rule, which is you have permission to save any videos but you should only use them for personal purposes. It is legal to save videos from Instagram to watch them when you are offline, but reusing someone's content for getting an impression is not legal. You shouldn't attribute other users' videos to yourself. If you want to publish other users' content you can ask the users or mention them.

Are there any limitations to the number of downloaded videos?

No. You can copy and paste links, and download the videos without any limitations. But you can not download multiple videos simultaneously. Let the tool to download the first video and then go for the other video.

Can I save other content with this tool?

No. As we have mentioned before, Instagram Video Downloader was designed for downloading video content only. For other content such as captions, you may need a separate tool.