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Welcome to Download Social Media - one of the best online tools to download videos from Facebook. You can download and save your favourite Facebook videos online and watch them whenever you want, even if you do not have internet access. This tool works with all types of devices with web browsers and does not require any software for downloading Facebook videos.

Being one of the largest online social media networks, most individuals post their everyday videos on Facebook. It wouldn’t take more than a few seconds to download these Facebook videos using Download Social Media. All videos are downloaded in MP4 format because Facebook saves them in MP4 format.

To download videos from Facebook, you need to enter the URL of the video you want to download and click or tap on the download button. It will fetch that URL and show you the thumbnail, title, and description of that video with controls to download an HD or SD quality video. Download in HD will only be available if that video is uploaded in HD quality.

Do you know if you are a non-registered user, you will not be able to view certain Facebook accounts? We have this resolved for you! By using our private option, you can download these Facebook videos even if it’s quite complicated. With just a few clicks, you will be able to watch these videos publicly.

Steps To Download Facebook Videos Using Download Social Media.

Step 1: Log into your Facebook account and search for the video you want to watch.
Step 2: Right-click and open the video in a new tab.
Step 3: Copy the video URL of the Facebook video from the web browser.
Step 4: Paste the URL on Download Social Media video downloader and click 'Download'.

Your Facebook video will be available on your smartphone or computer within a few seconds.

Where Are The Facebook Videos Saved After I Download Videos From Facebook?

The location of saved videos is entirely dependent on your device and the procedure you follow. For the PC, MAC, and Android devices, it is usually saved in the Downloads folder, the default location of web browsers. You can make changes to this option from your browser settings. However, for iOS devices, you need a file explorer to download videos from Facebook. You can also check in your web browser history to see your downloads.

Can I Download Live Facebook Videos?

Well, Live Facebook videos cannot be downloaded using this tool. But you can download the live Facebook video once the live streaming comes to an end altogether. Once the uploader finishes the live streaming, the Facebook video becomes a regular video, and you can download it easily.

Does Download Social Media Store The Downloaded Facebook Videos Or Keep The Copy Of Downloaded Video?

Download Social Media does not store any video downloaded using this tool and does not keep any copy. All videos are hosted on Facebook's CDN Servers. We also do not keep histories of our user's downloads. All videos are downloaded by tunnelling through the Download Social Media server. This makes our users completely anonymous from Facebook.

Why Use Download Social Media To Download Videos From Facebook?

Here are some of the aspects you will come across by using download social media.

  • Downloading videos from Facebook is free of cost.
  • The download speed is very high.
  • Hassle-free and incredibly easy to use interface.
  • Downloads huge video files into small sections without impacting the original quality of the videos.
  • No limitations - can download as many Facebook videos as you want.
  • Users do not require technical knowledge or coding skills.
  • Completely anonymous and highly secure downloading platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Is The Download Speed Of Facebook Video Downloader?

Our system uses sophisticated and unique conversion engines that help convert, download, and provide the output, which is similar to video streaming. This type of system enables you to download videos from Facebook, even when the processing is not complete from the server’s end.

Does Download Social Media Work On SmartPhone Devices?

Download Social Media is a web-based platform that can work on multiple formats. This enables you to use this downloading tool on any web browser, device, or operating system that includes your mobile gadgets.

Why Is The Facebook Video Playing Instead Of Downloading?

If you are using a web browser other than Chrome, it’s normal for your video to start playing instead of downloading. To keep this from happening, avoid left-clicking the video URL. Instead, right-click the download video link and choose the ‘Save’ option. Next, select the folder you wish to save Facebook videos into and start downloading.

Take Away

Download Social Media is available online for users to use any time without imposing any limitations or restrictions. You do not have to go through any registration process on our website to use the downloading features.

We aim to provide you with a convenient and fast downloading tool that will help you grab your favourite Facebook video that you love to watch. It doesn’t end there! You get to convert them into an MP4 storage file, which you can keep in your local storage space to watch later.

If you have any bug reports, get in touch with our professional team through our contact page. We value your valuable feedback—drop-in your suggestions and queries in the contact page question section.

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